Product Features

No Sweat: The No Sweat feature ensures that the tumbler is always dry and therefore easy to hold or to place on any surface as it will not leave a mark. This increases the ease with which it can be carried. For those users looking to carry it into their workplaces and keeping it on their workstations, this is a great added benefit as it prevents any beverage stains on their workstations/papers etc

18/8 Stainless Steel: This feature basically entails high-quality material within an affordable budget.

This increase the ease of carrying it Fits Most Cup-holders: on long road trips and journeys.

Double-wall Vacuum Insulation: This aids the temperature control by trapping the air (hot or cold) within the layers as well as keeping the beverage from going bad or releasing an unpleasant smell.

This Splash-free Lid: comes in handy when you remove the lid while walking or while on a vehicle moving at a high-speed so as to prevent spillage.

Temperature Control: The material is designed so as to keep the temperate of the beverage (whether hot or cold) steady for up to twice as long as any other tumbler available in the market. It is designed to retain ice for anywhere between 24 and 50 hours, and heat for 6 hours.